Pamela Sonda Navada

INDIVIDUAL READINGS are geared to all aspects of your life, beginning with a flow that Spirit directs, followed with questions you find relevant to life, health, family and career.

Individual Session (via phone)                                         $125.00

In GROUP READINGS, each person will receive a message tailored to them individually, whether it is from the Higher Self, an Angel, a Guide or a deceased Love One.  The benefit of group readings is that we often best receive our messages side-ways and can relate to the messages others are receiving.

Group Readings*                                                Email for Pricing

Pam also offers smaller, more personal mentoring workshops to help you make your own Divine connections learning how Spirit speaks through you.
In her “Connecting with Spirit Meditation”, you will be led in a guided and interactive session with the Celestial Realm.

Workshops/Mentoring*                                      Email for Pricing      

Teaching Reiki has become an integral part of her mentoring program.  Helping you to understand Energy and its power in your life and others. 

*Special pricing please email for further information

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